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Frequently asked questions

#1: Do I need to be physically present to register a business in China?

Whether you needs to physically travel to China to register your company in China depends on your choice of city in which to register the company. Many cities do not require your physical presence in China, however, some cities may require you to be physically present during the registration process.

#2: Do I need to travel to China to open a bank account?

Many banks, especially in tier 1 cities, can provide options to open the bank account via a video call or at a local branch in your country of residence. Detailed requirements subject to the banks final decision.

#3: Do I need an office in order to register a business in China?

Yes. You are required to provide a valid office address and rental agreements in order to obtain a business license. Integra can assist in finding virtual office space in order to quickly get your business up and running.

#4: Can i obtain a working visa as the owner of a WFOE?

Yes, as long as you meet the requirements for employment in China and hire yourself as an employee.

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