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Incorporation & Company Registration

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a land of investment truly essential

With the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, China has reopened its borders and resumed welcoming businesses and investments from around the world.

As a result, the economy is experiencing a significant boom once again

Largest Market

  • By 2030,China approaches the US as the largest global economy.  Although China is facing economic headwinds and growth will be slower, it will be the among the fasting growing economies for the next decade.

  • Consumption will continue, estimated >200millioms, new middle class by 2030, resulting in a total of 900 millions by 2030

Partner for Globalization 

  • Chinese groups will start a new wave of internationalization, with a focus on BRI and SEA countries.

  • Many will grow using global alliances (services, products and infrastructures) with global players.

  • Chinese globalization will create opportunities for MNCs in terms of supply base and projects for supporting Chinese companies.

Global R&D , Innovation Center

  • Significant strides in technological advancements &is now a global leader in areas AI, 5G, and renewable energy. This presents many opportunities for businesses to invest in emerging technologies and gain a competitive edge.

  • China is becoming the global trendsetter in various industries

Government Incentives

Chinese government has released a new police package stimulus measures to boost economy in the wake of COVID-19 lockdowns.


  • One of the main tools for boosting economic growth is speed up the infrastructure spending. The central government already allocated RMB 3.65trillion(USD547.5billion) in special-purpose bonds for 2022.

  • Measures for attracting and expanding foreign investment;

  • Expansion of tax relief and fee reduction polices;

  • Increasing support for small business;

  • Increasing government purchasing support;

  • Increasing loan support;


Chinese gov offers various incentives to encourage foreign investment, tax breaks, subsidies, and other favorable policies.

Global Manufacturing Base

  • Has well-established supply chains and an abundance of skilled labor, engineers and talents

  • Many products, value chains and industries will grow 8%-30%CAGR

  • China platform for medium to high end industries products with scale and innovation, critical products will re-shore to the west.


Diverse Market

Whether your business is in agriculture, technology, manufacturing, automobile, hospitality, or oil & gas, among others, you are sure of growth and ultimate success.



I hold a Law degree from Nanjing University of Finance & Economics and have worked in the legal industry for over 10 years.

During this time, I have gained extensive experience in company incorporations and registrations, having successfully handled hundreds of corporations of wholly foreign-owned enterprises or joint ventures across various industries in Suzhou, Shanghai, Zhejiang, and Xuzhou. My expertise also includes extensive cross-cultural project management and a thorough knowledge of Chinese laws and regulations, particularly those that apply to foreign companie

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